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WikiCamps Australia (available for both Android & iOS)

Great weather, great company and great campsites! The 3 main things that travellers and campers really, truly appreciate- We can’t control the weather, we all hope for good company and the great campsites can now easily be found using a great smartphone App called WikiCamps Australia.

We only recently upgraded our mobile phones to ‘smartphones’ and our minds were opened up to the world of Apps. There is pretty much an App for anything these days. Some are handy and some are…well….pretty useless. BUT, we were suggested that WikiCamps Australia would be a worthwhile App to install, Especially as full-time travellers.  So, we hit the ‘Google Play Store’ and downloaded our 14 day free trial. (remember, WikiCamps is also available for iOS but does not offer a free trial)

IMG_1066At first glance, we could tell this was app developed by campers with end users in mind. They covered everything when developing this App. They knew what travellers and campers needed, what extra features would come in handy and also knew that travellers themselves are a wealth of knowledge. That is why WikiCamps is designed to allow input from REAL campers who are out there right now utilising budget camps all over Australia. Users are able to give recent feedback on campsites, write reviews, add photos, update details and change information making this directory of campsites THE MOST up to date resource available. This itself is why we love it so much!

  • Looking for an overnight stay?
  • Looking for somewhere to stop and have lunch?
  • Looking for a caravan park?
  • Looking for public toilet?
  • Travelling with a dog? Need 240v? Need drinking water?…….. The App allows you to apply specific ‘filters’ to your search to make sure you find exactly what you require.

wikicamps app

The best part of WikiCamps is that its very user friendly, that’s important when you are on the road and needing to find a place to stay. Quickly pull out your phone or iPad and find a camp! No fuss…… The main ‘dashboard’ is easy to navigate and the icons make it easy to identify features and facilities of each camp and the ability to view ‘star ratings’ and user reviews of each camp gives you a better insight into what other campers have experienced.

wikicamps appOther great features of the WikiCamps App are: Built in Satelite finder to help you setup your TV dish, a compass widget, detailed maps, a live chat forum and a handy camping checklist…. see, I told you it had campers and travellers in mind when it was developed! A credit to Cliff and Russ (The Creators).

To get WikiCamps for yourself- click the following links:

For Android

For iOS

We have found WikiCamps Australia to be well worth the money for the full version. To me, that money has been well spent and paid for itself on the first nights budget camp we found using the App. Simply an awesome App!