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Try the NEW WikiCamps Australia App

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WikiCamps Australia (available for both Android & iOS) Great weather, great company and great campsites! The 3 main things that travellers and campers really, truly appreciate- We can’t control the weather, we all hope for good company and the great campsites can now easily be found using a great smartphone App called WikiCamps Australia. We only recently […]

Receiving Your Mail

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When we started the planning stage of our long term travel around Oz, we were faced with many issues that we needed to overcome. Being mobile and in a new town nearly every week/month was bound to present a few challenges especially when it comes to dealing with our general mail. We were lucky as […]

Preparing for Outback Travel


Adequate preparation before undertaking a journey or accepting employment in the outback will lessen the chance of jeopardising human life. There have been many cases where loss of life has resulted from a lack of foresight into the problems involved. If you are considering heading away for a bit of travel on the roads and […]

Choosing a GPS unit


What is GPS and what can it do for you? Over 200 years ago when Captain James Cook sailed for Australia, a clock accurate enough to calculate his position from the stars cost the equivalent of one-third of a ship. Today we have the luxury of affordable and accurate Global Positioning that we can put […]

Preparing for a long trip


Preparing For a Long Trip….. So, you’ve decided to ditch the generic family holiday to invest in some long term travel; so what now? WARNING: Long and waffling article to follow. Before setting off to travel Australia- we needed to prepare and make sure we had all of our bases covered. This was going to be our way of […]

Navigation Planning


Planning a road-trip? Are you about to head off on an extended travel holiday? Or do you just love hopping in your car and seeing the country side? Navigation Planning: We are all too familiar these days with the range of GPS navigation systems on the market. Most modern cars have simple units built in, […]

Choosing Your Rolling Home

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So you want to buy a caravan, camper or RV…….What is the best option for you? Choosing your rolling home…….. There is absolutely no correct answer to that question. There are so many choices and each family or individuals needs and preferences are different. In this article I don’t wish to persuade your choice in […]

Useful Links

Planning some travel? Considering travelling around Australia? Love camping and caravanning? Looking for websites to help with inspiration, questions or technical advice? We have spent a fair amount of time researching many aspects of travel, camping and 4x4ing from setting up our own rig, choosing places to visit right down to quarantine restrictions and land […]

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