Top 10 Best Australian Historical Villages & Museums

1. Timbertown (J Archbald)Timbertown (NSW)

Timbertown is an entire village re-created with a pioneer theme and is located in Wauchope on the Mid North Coast of NSW. The village demonstrates the struggles and achievements of our early pioneers. Complete with a horse and carriage ride where you get to experience a mock robbery by bush rangers. You can see a bullock team still haul a heavy load, steam engines and an old working sawmill. (Photo: J Archibald)


2. Melbourne Museum (J Archibald)

The Melbourne Museum (VIC)

The Melbourne museum explores life in Victoria’s natural environment as well as cultural and historic elements. Travelling exhibits from Australia and overseas often visit the museum so there is always something new to discover. The home of the Phar Lap exhibit and plenty of educational displays (many of which are interactive). A great place to take the kids. One of Australia premier museums. (Photo: J Archibald)


3. Qantas Founders Museum (QFM)Qantas Founders Museum (QLD)

Take an in depth look into the founding story behind Australia’s most famous airline- Qantas. Located in Longreach, the QFM offers displays of aircraft and memorabilia including the heritage listed Qantas hangar. A tour of the museum is a must when visiting to get a memorable insight into our very own piece of airline history. Definitely a ‘must visit’ place when staying in Longreach. (Photo: QFM)

4. Darwin Military Museum (J Archibald)


Darwin Military Museum (NT)

The Darwin Military Museum tells the story of when war came to Australia. Opened in 2012 and housed in the original concrete command post- it gives an educational insight into the bombings of Darwin, the role the region played during war time and Australia’s overall involvement in WWII. With War records, personnel profiles and plenty of photos, the museum provides a moving yet inspirational look at the trials and devastation of war. (Photo: J Archibald)

5. Calliope Historical Village (J Archibald)


Calliope Historical Village (QLD)

Located on the banks of the Calliope River just off the Bruce Hwy west of Gladstone QLD. Restored buildings provide a home for various displays and collections from the area that highlight the simplicity of life as it was. An old school house is an interesting feature with original books from yesteryear, blackboard and desks with ‘old school’ ink wells- a real eye opener for kids attending school today. The Calliope River Railway display is a great feature for the train buffs too! (Photo: J Archibald)



Kenilworth Museum (QLD)

The approach taken to displaying the history of the Kenilworth area may be a little different to that of other Museums. The Museum is promoted as “Living History” where every artefact on display has a story to tell. All visitors are shown a DVD “Looking Back – Ed Sims Memories of Kenilworth” – where a brief history of the district is told through the display of very old photographs. (Photo: Lenore Meldrum)

2. Australian Fossil Museum (Vince Lovecchio)


Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum (NSW)

Located in Bathurst NSW, the Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum is home to the Somerville Collection. A collection of rare fossils and mineral specimens and specimens which are scientifically significant to Australia. Other displays include Fossilised dinosaur eggs and skeletons and the flagship T-Rex display. An interesting look into how we gather information about life millions of years ago. (Photo: Vince Lovecchio)

3. Herberton Historic Village


Historic Village Herberton (QLD)

A look back into what a typical pioneer town would have been like, complete with shops, a pub, bank and a grocer (amongst others). Over 50 restored buildings which hold working exhibits and informational displays. Its like stepping back in time and into a whole other world. You can easily spend a whole day experiencing a part of Australian history. (Photo: Historic Village Herberton)

4. Miles Historical Village- (Matthew Taylor)


Miles Historical Village & Museum (QLD)

With an authentic 1900’s era landscape, this open air styled museum has over 30 restored and replica buildings used to display artefacts and collections on such topics as Aboriginal history, local history of the area and information of all the World Wars and plenty more. This historical village is highly regarded by many as one of the best laid out and curated displays of Australian history. (Photo: Matthew Taylor)

5. Sovereign Hill (Tourism Victoria)


Sovereign Hill (VIC)

Many people visit Sovereign Hill to experience the atmosphere of what it was like when gold was first discovered in Ballarat from 1851. With staff dressed in clothing of the day bustling around the township, it really sets a believable scene and something worth experiencing. At night, the sound & light show “Blood on the Southern Cross” is held which is a dramatic story of the 1854 Eureka Uprising. Historical educational entertainment at its best. (Photo: Tourism Vic)