The Outback Way – A Part of Australia’s Longest Shortcut

Do you love venturing off-road to explore new places? Do you have passion for outback touring?

The Outback Way which passes from Winton in QLD to Laverton WA is great option when travelling from coast to coast and stretches around 2750kms.bannermap2

From the website:

“As a self-drive route it passes through central Australia’s deserts, Ayers Rock, The Olga’s, Alice Springs and a host of fascinating places of interest.

The Outback Way is made up of seven inter-connecting roads including The Great Central Road (Western Australia); Tjukaruru Road, Lasseter Highway, Stuart Highway and Plenty Highway (Northern Territory); and Donohue Highway and Min Min Byway (Queensland). Collectively these are The Outback Way.

The Outback Way offers travellers the opportunity to enjoy some of Australia’s icons as well as life in the outback, remote and rugged landscapes and an adventurous journey travelling across outback Australia. The Outback Way is all about the journey and enjoying the unspoilt wonders of Australia’s central deserts and remote outback.”

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The Outback Way – A Part of Australia’s Longest Shortcut

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