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Super Mini Booster – Portable Jumpstarter

Most of us have experienced a flat battery at some point or another. The worse thing is that a flat battery usually only happens when it’s the most inconvenient- like when you are running late for work or you are trying to leave the mother-in laws place in hurry.

I’ve owned a few jump-starters over the years and keep one in my car at all times.  Most of them have got me out of trouble at least once. They were all the cheaper jump start packs you get from your local auto store, usually cost less than $100. The worse thing I found with the cheaper units is they never seem to hold their charge and after a few uses they lose their capacity to start a larger engine, particularly diesel engines found in four wheel drives- they just don’t cut it! I’m always replacing them!

For the traveler or adventurer, a flat battery can be a matter of life or death. Imagine being in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden your ever-reliable, you-beaut top-shelf cranking battery drops a cell (it does happen). The sun isn’t shining so the $1500+ solar charging system you installed is useless and the AGM Auxiliary battery isn’t up to the job of starting you great big engine. The rains are coming and the clay tracks you drove in on will soon become impassable. Are you going to risk carrying only a cheap basic jump starter like most people do? These situations are real! I’ve seen this scenario happen. And we all know leaving the headlights or radio on in a car park is easy enough to do as well which is not only embarrassing but a real pain in the bum!

IMG_1334Before heading out travelling, especially off the beaten track away from other people or the security of roadside services- think about an insurance policy that can get you (and others) back on the road and going again in the case of a flat battery. Think capability, think design and most importantly think reliability. You may need to spend a few more $$$ to get something that’s going to give you those things- look no further than a Super Mini Booster. I can’t rave about these things enough. When I first saw the compact design on the internet I was convinced I wanted one. But having now used one and seen it with my own eyes, the robust quality, the secure attachment of the alligator clips as well as the nifty feature of the 2 LED lights to help see whilst hooking it up at night or to warn oncoming traffic of your presence when broken down- it’s real value for money and peace of mind insurance.

With a whopping 14ah capacity, it will get that annoying flat battery going again with no probs. Or use it to run your portable air compressor, charge a mobile phone or portable DVD player. It’s also perfect when camping to run some camp lighting, a 12v radio or to charge a lantern. Perhaps keep one in your boat, caravan or just around the shed.

A compact foldable handle makes it easy to carry and lift up to the engine bay and a smart design to keep the fully insulated jumper leads secure and out of the way whilst not in use.

I give this unit 5/5 for design and ability. And people I show it to are just as impressed as I am. The unit retails for around $275 and comes with 240v charger, car charger and adaptor. Check all the uses and specs on their website. Whether safety and reliability are your major concerns or you are one of those people who just need to have the best of everything- look no further than one of these little beauties!

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