Sky Tracks Storage System

Storage Space……. 

A nightmare issue for many caravanners and travellers, especially those with kids!

Our 2012 Jayco Eagle Outback is very close to being a perfect camper for us- it has so many positives that make our life on the road as a family of 5 enjoyable. It has the ability to be taken to more hard to reach camp sites, its compact in size so it can be easily towed and stored and it has the sleeping room for all of us. One thing it doesn’t have is the overhead storage space and the normal storage room under the bed that you would find in many caravans. This presents some issues for us.

We have a lot of stuff! 3 kids require lots of extra gear, plus the fact we are living full-time on the road means we have brought along a lot of necessary gear to get through day-to-day living.

It had got to the point that our living space inside the camper was being taken over with things like extra clothes, Coopers schooling resources, toys etc, etc etc. It was becoming unmanageable and was making our pack ups and set ups frustrating as we would be needing to move things around as if we were playing some kind of game of Tetris! It was getting beyond a joke and we needed a solution. We had tried culling our gear and getting rid of things we could do without, but you can only cull so much! There is the minimum stuff you just ‘gotta’ have.

So, with reducing the amount of gear we have out of the question- it meant we simply needed MORE STORAGE! But being the style of camper it is, our Jayco Eagle had limited options. BUT, we finally think we have now solved our space issues.

Check these out….. Sky Tracks! Such a simple concept but so handy and practical and perfect for these style campers!

What are they?

IMG_9910Sky Tracks are a flexible storage system that is designed to add extra space to your van, camper trailer or even your tent. In our case, we installed the aluminium tracks to our roof with 6g Countersunk wood screws. Special sliding hooks are inserted and fixed into position. The handy bags simply hang from the hooks securely and provide extra space for clothes, food, stationary, bathroom supplies, toys, linen – whatever you need! They simply allow you to put your gear/items, up out of the way in an area otherwise wasted! Making use of the area above our dinette! Of course you will need to be sensible with the weight of items you store in them.

The bags feature a clear window so you can identify what is in them and they have a label on each bag so you know who’s is who, whats what etc.

We have installed 6 bags (2x starter kits). Each one of our kids have their own bag for clothes, one for our son’s schooling, another for spare towels and another for miscellaneous items that don’t really have a ‘home’. We have also used the extra supplied hooks to hang things like keys, shower bags, hats etc. Its great to have ‘uncluttered’ our camper and regain some of the living space we have been missing.

When its time to pack up our camper, we simply lift each bag of their hooks and they sit on the lounge or along the floor.

Check out their website and ‘like’ them on Facebook.

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