Caravan Water Tank & Battery Gauge Install

LCD Water Tank Level Indicators- from RV Electronics

Don’t you just hate it when you hear that gurgling sound coming from your caravan’s water tank when filling the kettle for your morning coffee? You realise quickly that your RV water tank is low and you may not get that coffee after all, but you keep pumping anyway hoping to get just enough out. This use to happen to us often.

Many new caravans on the market have some kind of water level gauge fitted to help you monitor just how much water you have left in your tanks. They are clearly a valuable asset to have installed. But some base model vans or older vans may not have a gauge fitted or it may be an option you didn’t choose when ordering your new van but now wished you did. Just like battery voltage, oil levels and fuel for your vehicle- your drinking water needs to be monitored somehow as well. We got sick of playing a “Russian Roulette” style game of chance with our tanks, we were never 100% sure just how much we had left and it was impossible to judge how much we had used.

It was time to look at options so we took to the World Wide Web and started researching what was available on the market. To be honest I really didn’t like the look of the traditional LED bar-graph style gauges that I’ve seen (just a personal preference) and the fact we had 2 independent water tanks meant we would need a gauge that could monitor 2 tanks all on the panel as I didn’t like the idea of having to mount multiple panels/gauges.

We came across a new version of tank gauges from RV Electronics. We saw a photo posted on Facebook from the SA Caravan & Camping show recently and thought they looked quite modern and sleek. We looked into them a little further and gave them call. After explaining our setup they were able to recommend a twin tank LCD gauge with a voltage display as well. This was perfect for us- an all in one gauge that looks after everything we needed. They have a few different configurations to suit many setups including triple tank gauges for larger vans. Check out their website.

I was a little worried about embarking on a DIY install, I thought it would be a big job but was surprised at just how easy it was. Simply drill a hole in each tank, drop in the sender probe and tighten the nut (it self-seals). I ran the cable under the van and into the camper behind where I mounted the gauge. I connected power to it…….and that was it. No special tools no complicated mounting procedures- a great little DIY job that has now given us a valuable indication on our water and voltage levels.

The sender probes are simple but clever and they self -seal themselves when tightened. The cables come in 2.5m, 5m & 7.5m lengths and extender cables is also available for longer caravans. The LCD gauge is clear and easy to read, looks modern and can be switched off when the van is in storage (although it only has a tiny current draw). We have also found the LCD gauge to be a great nightlight too, although no too bright as to illuminate the van, but just enough to assist during the early morning calls of nature (it’s also handy when getting up to the kids in the middle of the night)

Quite a few RV manufacturers are now starting to include gauges from RV Electronics as standard equipment on their vans, campers and motorhomes they make due to their popularity and the amount of people requesting them be installed.

If you have been considering getting a RV water tank gauge and want to save a few $$$ and DIY, these might just be what you are looking for.

RV Electronics

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