Recipes On The Road

If you are looking for some easy-to-bookmark websites you can reference for when you are out on the road, going camping or if you are just after some other inspiration to mix up your cooking at home. We have put a list of websites that cater for various menu options relating to cooking methods and styles.


ozpig 2k The OZPIG is taking Australia by storm. In the camping and travelling scene, cooking on an OZPIG is considered by many to be one of the greatest joys of camping. The innovative design of an OZPIG makes cooking fun and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for creating meals when camping.



DreamPot Recipes- CLICK HERE

dreampot logoA DreamPot is a thermal cooker designed to make cooking on the road easy and convenient. It sure has delivered on its promises. Being able to cook delicious family meals that we would often cook at home makes life a lot more enjoyable- and easier on the ‘cook’ in the family!



Cast Iron Camp Oven Cooking- CLICK HERE

CIB_logo_smallThe masters of an open fire- the Cast Iron Boys have a great website with tips and hints to help you get the most from your camp oven and will definitely open your eyes to the big wide world of creating meals outdoors. They have a great cookbook for sale too!




Camp Oven Recipes (Aussie Camp Oven Forum)- CLICK HERE

3f4d971d-637b-4e98-ad08-16081662df7eThis forum is great for checking out recipes and getting ideas for meals and other delicious treats for your next campfire cookup. Its user generated and is a wealth of knowledge and is a handy database of proven recipes.



Slow Cooker Recipes- CLICK HERE

Crock-pot-slow-cooker-6_6lSlow Cookers are a beaut way of cooking tender and tasty family meals. Many campers take one away with them (if they plan on having power) or they may choose a thermal cooker(such as a DreamPot). These recipes may help out when you are stuck for ideas.



BBQ & Smoker Recipes- CLICK HERE

20296-1_portable_food_smoker_lifestyle_1Who doesn’t love smoking their own meat, fish or poultry? This site has some great recipes, ideas and methods for getting the most out of your smoker.