HELTON Hot Water Heat Exchange

There are quite a few products on the market today that promise you instant portable hot water solutions, but none are quite as compact as a Helton hot water system.

DSCF9411For many people who travel without the luxury of an onboard hot water system in their caravan or camper trailer- heating water for showers, washing up etc is usually done on a campfire, in a billy on the gas stove or if they have the space they may travel with a portable but bulky gas powered hot water system. For the camper or traveller who are after something that is a little more compact, convenient and always with them, an in-vehicle hot water heat exchange system maybe the answer.

We have recently installed one of these systems made by Helton. The system simply installs under the bonnet of your vehicle and attaches in-line to your vehicles heater hose where hot coolant passes through the inner coils of the heat exchange. Once your car is at running temperature all that is required to get instant hot water is to pump or gravity feed fresh cold water thought the heat exchange ( fresh water travels through different inner coils of course- the water does not mix with the coolant) then Voila! Hot water ready for a shower.

We love the fact that there are no internal moving parts and the system is very robust. It is always with us no matter where we go.

A great surprise was when we opened the box and EVERYTHING was included for the installation including spare hose clamps, heater hose and even cable ties. A very smart looking bullbar bracket is also included to allow easy access to your fresh water inlet and outlets.

You can either shower directly at your vehicle or fill a bucket and take it anywhere.  With a Helton hot water system there is no need to carry extra gas and the system takes up very little space.

Our Rating:

4 stars

There are two models available, the red unit (hot water system) and a blue unit (vehicle shower).Both units work the same but the red unit produces hotter water due to having dual internal coils.

For more information about the HELTON heat exchange units see their website www.helton.com.au

Or to see a short video on how to install one in a vehicle, visit


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