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Sky Tracks Storage System

Caravan Storage Sky Tracks Slider

Storage Space…….  A nightmare issue for many caravanners and travellers, especially those with kids! Our 2012 Jayco Eagle Outback is very close to being a perfect camper for us- it has so many positives that make our life on the road as a family of 5 enjoyable. It has the ability to be taken to […]

Freshield Elite Vacuum Sealer


So what was our answer? Whether its meat, veges, fish, stews, soups etc. we now have the perfect solution for storing our food- A Freshield vacuum sealing machine! We had looked at these for a while and they seemed like a great idea especially when heading bush away from shops and the availability of fresh food. […]

Storage Drawer System by RV Storage Solutions


Adding a Rear Storage Drawer System One thing that you can never take for granted when travelling or embarking on an extended road trip, is STORAGE SPACE…… every square inch counts. For any one who travels long term, making sure you have enough room for all your gear is paramount- and the strange thing is, […]

Fuel Map App – Find Australia’s Cheapest Fuel


What is Fuel Map? Fuel Map (Smartphone app) is a crowd-sourced database of petrol stations and fuel prices from all across Australia. All station information is added and edit by users like yourself. You can also add current fuel prices which are then shared with other users of Fuel Map. WA fuel prices are updated […]

Super Mini Booster – Portable Jumpstarter

Very Compact

Most of us have experienced a flat battery at some point or another. The worse thing is that a flat battery usually only happens when it’s the most inconvenient- like when you are running late for work or you are trying to leave the mother-in laws place in hurry. I’ve owned a few jump-starters over […]

Turning Your Gazebo into a TENT!


Whether its weekend camping, day trips to the beach or river or in our case long term travelling, Gazebos make a great idea for that extra shade and shelter from the elements. We have used our OZtrail 3m x 3m Deluxe gazebo on our travels for the past 4 years and love it. It serves as […]

Dreampot Thermal Cooker – Product Review


Even when travelling or camping, most of us still enjoy a hot and hearty meal at the end of the day. Imagine a full day of travelling,  a day out fishing or out sight-seeing and being able to come back to your camp and have a hot meal waiting for you. Enter- The Dreampot, a […]

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