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Even when travelling or camping, most of us still enjoy a hot and hearty meal at the end of the day. Imagine a full day of travelling,  a day out fishing or out sight-seeing and being able to come back to your camp and have a hot meal waiting for you. Enter- The Dreampot, a […]

OZPIG – Portable Pot Belly Stove


We really enjoy having a campfire when camping and with the winter months upon us they are almost a must. We have recently been introduced to a great portable campfire/cooker. It’s called an OZPIG. Oink! Oink!  Have a look at the photos and you can easily see how it got its name. When setup, you […]

Freshield Elite Vacuum Sealer


So what was our answer? Whether its meat, veges, fish, stews, soups etc. we now have the perfect solution for storing our food- A Freshield vacuum sealing machine! We had looked at these for a while and they seemed like a great idea especially when heading bush away from shops and the availability of fresh food. […]

Super Mini Booster – Portable Jumpstarter

Very Compact

Most of us have experienced a flat battery at some point or another. The worse thing is that a flat battery usually only happens when it’s the most inconvenient- like when you are running late for work or you are trying to leave the mother-in laws place in hurry. I’ve owned a few jump-starters over […]

Turning Your Gazebo into a TENT!


Whether its weekend camping, day trips to the beach or river or in our case long term travelling, Gazebos make a great idea for that extra shade and shelter from the elements. We have used our OZtrail 3m x 3m Deluxe gazebo on our travels for the past 4 years and love it. It serves as […]

OZtrail Cast Iron Cookware

castiron cookware

Who doesn’t like a good campfire when they go camping? They not only keep you warm and offer a place to toast your marshmallows, but using a campfire is a great method to cook a delicious a camp meal for the family. BUT, you are going to need some heavy-duty cookware that will handle the […]

Hema Navigator HN7 Review


Over the past 2 years we have been using a Hema HN6 GPS system which has been proudly mounted above our dashboard helping us navigate to new places, find camp sites and track our off road adventures. A few months ago we were given an opportunity to give the latest HN7 Navigator a test run. […]

Marquee Monkey – Gazebo Canopy Savers


Over the past few weeks we have been camping in a very popular campground in SE QLD and it has made us realise just how popular Portable Gazebos are these days. It was like Gazebo-City! We ourselves use one and they are so fantastic for that extra space and shade. There are plenty to choose […]

TRED 4×4 Recovery Device

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TRED (Total Recovery Extraction Device) As a keen 4x4er and offroad traveller, I value the importance of being prepared for my adventures. Having the right gear on board can be the difference between enjoying my trip or being stranded and at worst putting me and my family at risk. We have seen it all so […]

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