Portable Travel Cot- Perfect for camping with kids

 Take the ‘little’ kids camping too in a portable travel cot!

As we headed off on our holiday, travelling around Australia with our 6 month old we needed to think about where he was going to sleep. We have a Jayco Eagle, the beds are pretty big for a caravan but they are quite high off the floor (at least a 1m drop). Although we have a safety net fitted it was still possible that once he could move around (crawl)  he could make his way to the edge and tumble over- with possible nasty outcomes. We wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing this could happen. We started looking options and talking to other families seeking ideas. We were after a travel cot.

We came across a product that we thought was pretty clever and we thought would offer us peace of mind. It’s a portable travel cot/bed, a pop-up tent as such with a built in mattress. The benefits of these are, firstly they take up very little space and basically weighs nothing. Secondly its offers protection from mozzies, sand-flies and other insects due to full mesh sides. The zipper is used to completely provide easy access to the bed inside. The best thing is that our son is still in the exactly same spot in the morning and hasn’t fallen out of bed!

We use ours on a bed mattress in the caravan but it could be used on the ground in a tent, camper or even great at the beach for shelter. We were thrilled when we were introduced to this and knew that it was going to solve our paranoia issues and of course provide a safe and effective solution to bed time!

Anyone who loves camping and caravanning, who still wants to take the little ones along, could really benefit from the simple idea of these types of portable beds! There are various models and different designs out there.

We grabbed ours on eBay for less than $100. Just do a search for “Pop-up travel cots” or check out local baby gear stores! They really are a great idea for the little ones.

Portable Travel Cot


portable travel cot for camping