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OZtrail Cast Iron Cookware

Who doesn’t like a good campfire when they go camping? They not only keep you warm and offer a place to toast your marshmallows, but using a campfire is a great method to cook a delicious a camp meal for the family. BUT, you are going to need some heavy-duty cookware that will handle the heat!

cookwareOZtrail Leisure Products have been around for a while now and they know what they are talking about when it comes to camping gear. Apart from having a great range of products for everyday camping they have a HUGE selection of quality cast iron cookware.

I’m not going to lie to you, the cast iron cookware is heavy but you don’t want to put any old saucepan on the hot coals! They just aren’t up to it! The OZtrail range of cast iron camp ovens and saucepans all have a deep base, thick walls and matching cast iron lid that ensures even heat distribution which are the absolute minimum requirements for good campfire cookware.

OZtrail’s 3 & 5 quart saucepans feature a heavy-duty heat-resistant handle (perfect for open flame cooking) and a hanging loop at the end for easy storage. A lifting tab is part of the design for safe and secure handling on and off the coals and they include a hessian storage bag for protection during transport.

9qt camp ovenOZtrail’s range of camp ovens come in 4 sizes (2, 4.5, 9 & 12 Quart). So a small one if it’s just you right up to a huge family size model that will allow you cook up a storm and impress the troops! They all feature a concave lid design to allow placement of heat heads or hot coals, a coil-grip handle to aid with lifting it off the fire and they also include a neat hessian storage bag as well. The other great thing is these are ready to roll as they come pre-seasoned from the factory!

As well as the saucepans and camp ovens, OZtrail make some really good quality skillets, bbq plates and jaffle irons (single & double). All are made from top quality cast iron; factory pre-seasoned, and come with extra-long handles with wood-grips – all the little extras you need to consider when purchasing campfire cookware. After all, OZtrail has been making camping gear for a while now, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

So next time you are in the market for some cookware for your next camping holiday, buy once- buy right and check out the range of OZtrail cast iron cookware. You won’t be disappointed. They even make great gift ideas for Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas!

Their full range of cookware is on their website at www.oztrail.com.au. You will also find OZtrail cookware at most camping stores or OZtrail stockists.

OZtrail Leisure Products www.oztrail.com.au

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