OZPIG – Portable Pot Belly Stove

IMG_4876We really enjoy having a campfire when camping and with the winter months upon us they are almost a must. We have recently been introduced to a great portable campfire/cooker. It’s called an OZPIG. Oink! Oink!  Have a look at the photos and you can easily see how it got its name. When setup, you would be forgiven if you thought “where in the world would I put that when I travel? But surprisingly the design allows for it to be easily disassembled for portability and for compact storage.

These pot-belly type camping stoves are custom designed by campers for campers and originated from an idea using old 9kg gas bottles (which I need to add is very dangerous to cut open and is not recommended).

The OZPIG incorporates its own 3 sectioned collapsible chimney, 2 front door options, 2 warming plates, a basket for heat beads and a variety of optional accessories such as a char-grill plate, a heat diffuser, tool rack and a safety enclosure aptly named “the pig pen”.

The chimney sections, the screw-in galvanized legs and heat-bead basket all fit inside the belly of the OZPIG for storage. A great zippered storage bag is available which includes extra internal pockets for tools, warming plates and other bits and pieces.

The major benefit of an OZPIG over a normal in-the-ground campfire is that the flames are completely contained making it a safer option for cooking and keeping warm. The dual cooking and warming plates allow for economical functionality which gives you 2 warming areas and another area for cooking. The tool rack keeps your tongs etc. nice and handy too!

The heat-bead basket makes it ideal to use when there is a fire ban in place (check local restrictions regarding this as different states have different regulations). Simply light a few heat beads in the basket and soon you will have your camp oven, jaffle iron, billy or wok heating up all your goodies! Alternatively use good ol’ firewood for that perfect campfire warmth!

A specially designed rotisserie attachment is available that simply slides into the top of the OZPIG. 2 x D size batteries drive the rotisserie which is perfect for a BBQ chook, rolled pork or any other meat you would normally cook on a spit! Imagine how many NEW friends you would soon have once the smell of your cookin’ chook wafts around the nearby campsites!

The OZPIG weighs in at around 17kg and is made from steel. It’s sturdy and provides a great, safe and innovative solution to cooking and keeping warm when camping, fishing or even at home on the patio!

We really can’t find anything on the OZPIG that would need to be improved- it’s almost perfect! Perhaps if it came with its own chef…………….

For more info on what you can use an OZPIG for or how you can get your own check out their website www.ozpig.com.au

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