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Nindigully Pub, QLD

Do you want fries with that?

Bush, Beer and BURGERS- Outback QLD style!

We take along a pretty informal ‘bucket list’ on our travels and such typical things on the list include visiting Uluru, feeding the dolphins at Monkey Mia and driving the Birdsville Track- and of course to have a cold beer at a couple of iconic outback pubs along the way! We love a great outback pub…. nothing comes close to the character and charm that these Aussie icons seem to have. A little while back on our way out to Birdsville we made a deliberate choice to travel the route via Nindigully and stop in at the pub. But it wasn’t the cold beer that brought us here- it was #23 on our bucket list- “Eat a Road Train Burger”. This isn’t just any burger, this mean fella takes an hour to cook and is meant to feed 4 people… now, I was never going to attempt this burger myself but I’d heard about these legendary burgers and just had to order one and see it with my own eyes.

DSCF1337Nindigully is a small outback town in QLD around 160kms west of Goondiwindi. Not much around this area except large cattle properties, a river and the pub! We pulled up around lunchtime, had a look around the very interestingly decorated bar area at historical posters and usual ‘bar humour’ memorabilia. We ordered a few drinks (and our burger of course), had a chat to the publican and a fellow traveller then ventured out to the large beer garden area. An hour later, out comes our burger. I couldn’t believe it, the size of this thing was incredible but boy it looked tasty and smelled delicious. There must have been around a kilo of mince in the pattie alone and I soon realised that we certainly weren’t going to get through it all. That didn’t matter though, we were there mainly for the experience and to cross it off our bucket list.

A part from it being the biggest burger id ever sunk my teeth into, it was also up there with the juiciest and most flavoursome burgers I’ve had! But between me and my wife and our 3yo son we finished off just over half- we thought we did pretty well. That included polishing off the side serving of fries too.

These burgers would be a great for small groups to share but its on record that quite a few individuals have managed to finish one on their own! The scary thing is they actually have larger burgers on their menu.

Burgers aside, the Nindigully Pub, (Est 1864) has a few other quirks including it being the longest, continually licensed pub in QLD, was the location of the 1999 Australian movie “Paperback Hero” and they play host to a very popular annual pig racing event!

We loved our visit here and cant wait to go back again- next time I might just settle for a steak sandwich though!

The Nindigully Pub

Carnarvon Hwy via Thallon

Nindigully, QLD 4497


07 4625 9637


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