Marquee Monkey – Gazebo Canopy Savers

gazeboOver the past few weeks we have been camping in a very popular campground in SE QLD and it has made us realise just how popular Portable Gazebos are these days. It was like Gazebo-City!

We ourselves use one and they are so fantastic for that extra space and shade.

There are plenty to choose from on the market from the cheaper models which in our experience are usually a throw-away after a few uses (especially after a storm, rain or mild winds). But, even the best portable gazebos on the market are still prone to one common weakness- WATER POOLING!

After a bit of rain the canopy material gets heavy and sags, this quickly results in all the water that is captured on the canopy to pool and collect in one spot. If you don’t get to it with your broom or pole quick enough you may see you gazebo collapse under the weight of the water. This could end in a disaster- especially if all your gear is inside where you think its safe!

We were introduced to these gadgets recently which we thought was a ripper idea and a real gear-saver. The Marquee Monkey is a simple but effective product designed to easily fit in the corners of the gazebo between the frame and the canopy. The design forces the canopy to stay taught in just the right places to encourage water to drain off quickly, eliminating the dreaded pooling effect.

So, if you enjoy taking your gazebo camping, or to sporting events or perhaps you have a market stall- these may be just what you have been looking for and for $40 a set of 4, they make a great investment!