MAKO Meat Smoker

My wife reckons I’ve got expensive taste when it comes to food. I seem to always like the gourmet foods which are always a bit pricey. But one food we both love is a nice piece of smoked meat!

We like to treat ourselves to a piece of smoked tuna or chicken now and then but at the price of smoked meat at most deli’s, it was always just a treat. I guess, like many smoked meat fans we really enjoy the smooth creamy taste and smoky flavours as well as the unique tender texture that only smoked meat has.

Whilst doing some travelling last year we came across a bloke who was pretty clever with a fishing rod- he had a fridge full of smoked fish that he had caught and smoked himself using a small box smoker, he let us sample his creations and boy- were we sold! We needed to get our own. The only thing was we had very limited space so we were on the lookout for the most compact meat smoker we could find. At a camping store in Geraldton WA, we came across the perfect little addition to our camp kitchen- a MAKO Compac All Meats Smoker kit. A collapsible, 2 shelf meat smoker with everything included to get you going except for methylated spirits (for the metho burner) and some meat!

So off to the local fish shop we went, grabbed ourselves some tuna steaks and went back to camp and started learning the techniques (it also includes an instructional DVD which was handy).

The internet is filled with info about smoking meats, different techniques, recipes etc. We initially kept to the basic steps of a simple brine (salted water) but after a while we got experimenting with different herbs, brine mix, a variety of meats, different wood chips  etc. etc (hickory is our favourite). No two smoke batches are ever the same. But one thing we learnt was that fresh meats always give better results than frozen!

This little smoker packs flat and all you need is a bottle of metho and some smoking chips (readily available from most camp shops fairly cheap). We have tried all sorts of meats in this thing- some with success and some real failures. Our biggest success was with some Coffin Bay oysters- a little bit of garlic butter and smoked using wet wood chips, YUM! Our very own home made smoked oysters!

Try smoking chicken breast, salmon belly, mussels, fish, kangaroo and even sausages. You can really get creative and have some fun with one of these little beauties, take it anywhere and get smokin’.

Our Rating:

2 stars

For more info about the MAKO Meat Smoker visit the MAKO website:

A great resource for anyone wanting to know more about smoking meats is this website:

Keep in mind a lot of people use big fancy smokers these days with temperature control etc. This MAKO Compac smoker keeps it simple and makes smoking meat FUN. Great for camping, travel or use it at home.

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