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Ironman 4×4 Fridges

Sitting back in a comfy camp chair overlooking the beach or a nice river somewhere, a packet of chips in one hand and a HOT beer in the other…….hang on….that’s not right. Hot beer?

Recently Ironman 4×4 introduced a range of compressor fridges to their line-up. We have been using the 30L model fridge in our vehicle for a few months now and so far we are quite impressed. Its compact yet boasts practical space inside. A handy LED interior light helps spot the difference between a cold beer and the tomato sauce when it’s dark (you won’t make that mistake twice). Best of all its very efficient which means the load (amps) they draw from your 12v battery is quite modest so you can last for longer away from mains power.

We were checking out a few different fridges on the market and we were after a fridge that was fairly low-profile (we had a certain space we needed it to fit), we also needed something with a tight fitting, secure lid. And of course great efficiency and low amp draw. It was a surprise for me when I came across Ironman 4×4 and saw they had a range of fridges too. Glad I found them! Our last fridge (another popular brand) was great but we found that the compressor was bulky as it hung out the end and was a little thirsty on power. The Ironman 4×4 fridge has its compressor mounted underneath the tub so it makes fitting it into tight spaces easier.

If you check out the fridges available on the market (and talk to other campers) a common name of compressors will pop up- “Danfoss”(compressors are what make the fridges cold). The Danfoss compressors seem to have a great name synonymous with reliability. The Ironman fridges use a German Danfoss compressor too and they compliment their faith in their fridges by offering a 5 year warranty on the compressor itself and a 3 year warranty on the fridge. That’s not bad peace of mind.

Like I mentioned we have the 30 L model which equates to around 42 x 375ml cans worth of internal cold storage. They also come in 40L and 50L Models to suit different needs. Inside the fridge you will find an internal basket with removable divider (to help separate your tucker) and a small dairy shelf for your butter/cheese etc. The only thing we would like to see is a removable bung in the bottom to help with cleaning the fridge out (but that’s just us being fussy). Two modes of cooling help you keep your fridge running as efficiently as required (Max and Economy modes). This makes it handy to select a running mode based on the ambient temperatures, types of food/drink you have inside and how often you will be opening and closing the lid. Best of all, these fridges can be used as dedicated freezers too!

Other features we find important are STRONG and ergonomic carry handles for easy transport or to be used to secure the fridge in your vehicle with tie-downs. A built-in 3 stage low voltage cut-out system helps to prevent damage to the fridge and your battery and the unit can be operated on 12-24v DC OR 240V AC (all leads/plugs included in the box).

The control panel is easy to understand and is recessed for protection against accidental “bumping” of settings  during travel. An easy to read temperature display also is handy to keep on track of how the tucker inside going.

So if you are after your first portable camping fridge, a second fridge for your vehicle or looking to replace a failing compressor fridge that’s just not keeping up- check out www.ironman4x4.com/html/fridge. You might be a little surprised by the price of these especially if you are comparing them against other well-known brands. With a sturdy rugged body construction, low amp draw, light weight, great warranty, nationwide service centres and a reliable Danfoss compressor. You could hardly ask for better value!

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