Navman MY85XLT GPS

pic 2 I love gadgets; I’m a real techno junkie.  The new MY85XLT by Navman with its 5” screen ticks all my boxes for features and keeps the better half happy with its simple to use menu system. I was amazed just how much information and fancy features are now available in a GPS unit these days. No longer are they just simply warning you of speed cameras and red light cameras and a basic map with directions. Our new Navman also tells us about upcoming road conditions like steep inclines (perfect for when we are towing), high wind zones, hair pin bends and narrowing roads. Speed limit alerts, railway crossing alerts and school zone alerts are all great safety features of this power-packed and easy to use navigational device. I love the driver fatigue feature that reminds you to stop and have a break after you have been continuously driving for more than 2 hours. You’ve got to love a GPS that takes your personal safety seriously.

With over 640,000 points of interest, over 1,000,000 business listings via Google and, a trip planner, location finder to make roadside assistance directions easier, advanced lane guidance and 3D junction views make this model great value for money. My partner reckons the best feature is being able to search for places and businesses by using keywords. I reckon the best feature is being able to speak a location and have the voice recognition feature get you heading on your way without too much hands-off-the-wheel action. Its Bluetooth capability also makes it compatible with our mobile phone and car stereo for hands free phone operation- like I said it really is feature packed but still a simple to use GPS unit, perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.

Navman has regular map updates available, often with special offers and deals to keep the unit current at a price much lower than other brands. In fact the MY85XLT comes with 2 year’s worth of map updates for your peace of mind.

When deciding on a new GPS, we were spoilt for choice. Many brands offering something else that a competitor didn’t have etc. With the reputation of Navman and great features for its price we are glad we chose a MY85XLT.

Our Rating:

3 stars

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