HEMA Kids Road & Wildlife Atlas

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Most of us have heard those sounds echoing from the back seat at some point. Spending long hours driving in the car with kids is not always great fun. They get bored, restless and need some form of entertainment to help pass the km’s. We use a portable DVD player in the car which is great but we don’t always like our kids glued to the screen for a movie marathon whilst we spend the day driving to our next campsite. We looked for other options in the way of activity books.

It was suggested to us that we check out the HEMA MAPS online store to browse their great range of children’s resources. Glad we did! There are some great books in there that are sure to not only keep your kids entertained on a road trip or on your next camping adventure but they might even learn a thing or 2.

Two great books we have found on the HEMA MAPS website is the “Kids Wildlife Atlas” (only $9.95 RRP).  A great activity book for the young wildlife lover in your family, it includes plenty of great games, puzzles, trivia and even teaches your child how to read maps.

The other book we have found to be great is the “Kids Road Atlas” (also only $9.95 RRP). Your kids will enjoy learning interesting facts about Australia, using the easy to read maps and it will keep them busy doing the many puzzles and games.

There are plenty of other fun and education books available by HEMA (and others- check out the amazing books by Steve Parish whilst you are there too) on the HEMA MAPS website. Take a look at what’s available and consider this as a great option for keeping the kids happy on your next adventure.

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