Ezyline! Pegless Clothesline


No more pegs! Discover the Ezyline and Go peg free. A simple and portable product perfect for us travellers and campers (or even use one at home).

Recently we were introduced to the Ezyline by a fellow traveller after I made a passing comment about annoying pegs and how they always seem to break. He showed us a simple little item that he had strung under his annexe. He had a few towels, swimmers and a pair of jeans all hanging out to dry. Not a peg in sight.

I thought to myself, how handy one of these would be. Especially with the kids- always washing and always needing to hang the towels up after swimming or showering.

I was surprised (and impressed) to find out this little innovation was designed in Australia. So that made it even more appealing. The design is simple- a row of interlocking plastic clips that have a grooved space in which you slide a small section of the item you want to hang. Slide the item till it’s held in place securely. It won’t blow off, fall off or even pull off accidentally. The removal of the items is even easier- just slide the items the opposite way and they dislodge from the clips. You can take a whole armful off in one foul swoop!

The Ezyline is sold in 2 metre lengths and comes with cords, a spring and a fastener for easy hanging (a range of colours are available too). They also sell suction cup hooks that can stick temporarily to the side of your van for another option of hanging the Ezyline.

We only use the 2m length and find that is enough for our daily towels, swimmers etc. but we may look at getting a few more lengths just in case. They take up very little room, they are no fuss and can be used anywhere.

I have even heard of some people completely replacing their wire clothes lines at home with lengths of Ezyline. They are sturdy, UV stabilised and each 2m line can hold up to 6kg of washing. No more ropes between trees, no more pegs, no more bulky clotheslines.

Our Rating:

2 stars

Check out their website for full details of their range and how to order.


Address: 27 Baldwin Street, Gordon NSW 2072

Phone: 1300 399 546

Website: www.ezyline.com.au





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