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Hema Touring Series

We were thrilled when Hema Maps approached us and asked for more information about our travels and how we coped on the road for long periods of time and how we went about planning our adventures.

As part of their Ultimate Touring Series, along with a few other seasoned travellers, we share some of the fundamentals of our experience with life on the road.

Here are the links (thanks to www.hemamaps.com.au):

  • Preparing for a long trip Preparing for a longer trip is vastly different to preparing for a two-week holiday, so some veterans of the travel lifestyle are here to offer some advice to help you plan less and travel more for a big adventure.
  • Ultimate 4WD Touring – Vehicle Setup A well-equipped, reliable and capable 4WD vehicle is a blessing on weekend off-road getaways, but is essential when embarking on a long trip. Four veteran touring travellers share with us what vehicles and accessories they trust on their own long-term adventures.
  • Ultimate 4WD Touring – Living on the Road The longer you’re on the road, the more important your sleeping quarters and living space become. Four veteran touring travellers share with us what accommodation and living setups they use on their own long-term adventures.
  • Ultimate 4WD Touring – Vehicle Maintenance  Four veteran tourers tell us what tools and skills they use to take care of their four-wheel drives on long off-road adventures.
  • How to budget for your next adventure – Budgeting is the step most explorers would rather not take when it comes to preparing for that next big adventure. Take the sting out of making a budget and maximise the worth of your travel funds with these expert travel budgeting tips for your next trip.



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