Gnomesville, WA

Give me a “gnome” among the gum trees

If the word “quirky” fits your idea of a fun day out and you happen to be passing through south-west WA, you may find a place that is “quirky” in every sense of the word. Gnomesville- a village completely inhabited by gnomes! 1000’s of the little buggers….

The Grey Gnomads 2Located in bushland beside a round-a-bout, 20kms from the small town of Dardanup, Gnomesville is a fun little miniature village where you can easily spend a few hours walking around and enjoying the atmosphere. This little community has evolved rapidly over the years and has become a favourite place for locals and tourists alike. It all started with just a single gnome placed on the round-a-bout a few years back, then there were 2,and 3 and 4……and now there are 1000’s of gnomes enjoying the idyllic lifestyle that only a gnome could hope for. Locals, tourists, sporting teams, clubs, you name it- many people have added to the village with their own gnomes and this is how it grew to be so busy- and is still growing today with plenty of visitors to the village daily.

DJ Gnome

Don’t go thinking this is just a small little roadside display; Gnomesville is quite a large thriving hamlet of gnomes going about their normal daily routine. As you look around you will encounter gnomes from all walks of life, some playing sport, busy working but mainly getting up to mischief as gnomes do! You are sure to have a giggle or two as you explore the village and see just what some of them are getting up to. But be warned, some of them can be quite cheeky.

Visitors are encouraged to contribute their own gnomes to the village and use their imaginations and create a display or theme for themselves. You are sure to have a great time and leave feeling like a little kid again.

Whilst your there keep a lookout for:

  • The “Rolling Gnomes”
  • Gnomeo & Juliet” (Gnomeo, Gnomeo, where for art thou Gnomeo)
  • The “Grey Gnomads”
  • The “Gnoman Empire”
  • The “Gnome for wayward youths”
  • The “Funeral Gnome” where the broken gnomes end up!
  • The “Guard’n Gnome” the local security gnome
  • Greg Gnoman” the golfing gnome
  • The cast from “Gnome & away”

And heaps of other quirky gnome puns………………


Address: On the roadside intersection of Wellington Mill, Wellington Lowden and Ferguson Roads. 20km’s from Dardanup.

Phone: (08) 9728 1551 (Ferguson Valley Visitor Centre)



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