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Turkish Pides

If you are looking for some easy-to-bookmark websites you can reference for when you are out on the road, going camping or if you are just after some other inspiration to mix up your cooking at home. We have put a list of websites that cater for various menu options relating to cooking methods and styles. OZPIG […]

Ozwide Images – Canvas Wall Art of Australian Landscapes

AcrossTheTop SavannahStyle!

Australia’s largest online collection of Australian Landscape Canvas Prints & Wall Art.  www.ozwideimages.com.au – VISIT WEBSITE Well accomplished travel journalist and photographer Jane Archibald, has carefully selected some of her greatest moments behind the lens of her camera and created a stunning gallery of canvas prints available for purchase. Jane has always had a passion for photography, […]

Buying RV’s Online

online ad

The days of browsing the local newspaper classifieds, searching for your next caravan, camper or motorhome are on their way out. Online market places are dramatically increasing in popularity for both buyers and sellers, particularly for larger ticket items like vehicles, boat and RV’s. For buyers, the convenience of placing an ad online in only […]

Free and low-cost Camping

Calliope River Campground Roadside Caravan Sites

Free camping, budget camping, low cost camping, freedom camping, primitive camping- it goes by many names and I guess in many people’s eyes the definition varies a little. I like to refer to campsites that are free or low-cost with basic facilities as ‘Budget Camping” as nothing is ever free! In most cases I am happy […]

Blogging Your Travels

aussie overlanders

Sharing your adventures and become a journalist in your own right! Blog! What a strange word. You have probably heard that term used a bit over the last few years as many people take to the World Wide Web and become instant commentators on politics, society and life in general. Some have taken ownership of […]



Hide & Seek with a twist- a fun activity travellers may enjoy Have you ever heard the term “geocaching” before? Many people have but are unsure what it means exactly. To try and make it simple, geocaching could be considered a game or activity where individuals or groups seek to find hidden treasures (the geocache) by means […]

Aerial Photography with a DJI Phantom 1 + GoPro

DJI Phantom with Gopro

DJI Phantom Drone During our travels, like anyone we love getting creative with our camera and capturing the places we visit. We recently came across a new way (maybe not new but definitely a more realistic and affordable way for us) of taking photos and capturing video from the air- a brand new perspective of recording […]

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