Even when travelling or camping, most of us still enjoy a hot and hearty meal at the end of the day. Imagine a full day of travelling,  a day out fishing or out sight-seeing and being able to come back to your camp and have a hot meal waiting for you. Enter- The Dreampot, a portable cooking solution for those of us who love being out and about. We use a 6l Dreampot (they also come in 3l and 5l models). As a family of 5, a 6l Dreampot is a perfect size that allows us to cook a family meal without too much fuss.

IMG_5380Our family’s favourite meal is good old fashion corned beef & veges (with white sauce of course!). But cooking this type of meal whilst travelling and camping is near impossible due to the lengthy cooking times and the need for a constant source of heat. Just imagine trying to cook a large chook, pickled pork or even a home-made soup or stew. These could take an hour or more on the stove and when you only have LPG to cook with or you simply don’t have the time, these types of meals are rarely an option for travellers.

We love the fact that it only takes a short time to prepare a family meal in the morning by simply adding the ingredients to the stainless steel inner pot and starting the cooking process on the stove for a short time. Then it’s only a matter of placing the stainless steel inner pot inside the thermal Dreampot and closing the lid. When dinner time comes around our family’s meal is ready to serve!

BUT- the versatility of the Dreampot thermal cooker does not stop with just allowing you to prepare meals that you would traditionally only create at home and an electric slow cooker. The Dreampot is also a rice cooker, a yoghurt maker, cooler (perfect for bottles of wine or soft drinks), a Bain Marie and even a bread maker.

chick & asparagus photo collageWith one of these little beauties, meal planning and meal options whilst on the road never need to be boring again. The best part is the ability to cook 2 meals at the same time. One in the bottom inner pot and another in the top inner pot. So now cooking a chunky home-style soup and a damper at the same time with little fuss, minimal heat and little supervision is an easy option for you to enjoy at the end of a busy day.

The Dreampot works similar to a thermos style flask, using a vacuum to retain the initial heat allowing a slow and even cooking process to happen. Tender and tasty meats every time! Click the link to learn more about how it works


Both inner cooking pots are made from sturdy stainless steel. The thermal pot itself is a rugged design with a robust plastic handle and lid with a secure latch. A very well constructed unit that’s obviously been designed for the traveller or for people on the go!

We were first introduced to the Dreampot last year by a lovely travelling couple who were preparing their evening meal at 8am in a caravan park’s camp kitchen before they set off on their 600km journey to their next destination.  Their dinner was going to cook along the way ready for them to enjoy when they pull up! We were intrigued by what the Dreampot could do and we were also impressed by their enthusiasm as the couple proceeded to show off their Dreampot to us and the growing audience of other interested travellers.

Since owning our Dreampot we have been delighted by the different types of delicious meals we have been able to create and furthermore we are excited by being able to save time and expensive LPG whilst still being able to create our family’s favourite meals when on the road.

There is also a dedicated recipe book that’s been developed for the Dreampot with some amazing recipe ideas. Other accessories available include a loaf pan, egg poacher, glass lids, spare pots and oven bags.

For more information about the Dreampot and prices see their website www.dreampot.com.au

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