Camping With Kids – Perfect Clothes Storage

Below is a short video of an idea we saw somewhere last year (maybe on the internet) so we cant take credit for it. Anyway, we decided to give it a try and make a short video of it. We think its great! Our social media response to this video was fantastic and we think it must have hit a chord with a lot of parents out there who understand how tricky it can be finding room for kids clothes when travelling or packing.

camping with kids– perfect clothes storage

Our tip helps with:

  • Organising the kids clothes together in daily sets
  • Makes getting dressed easier by knowing everything is ready for the kids to simply put on
  • Saves room when packing
  • Minimises clothes from getting wrinkled (rolling them is a little more friendly then squashing them into a box)

Some comments we heard were concerns about the socks stretching….. we find it great for the kids clothes. Probably wouldn’t work for the adults!! I’m sure a Velcro strap, rubber band or similar could work well instead!!

Think- school camps, weekend trips, holidays, overseas vacations, camping or sleepovers!

Lets us know what you think! Camping with kids – perfect clothes storage!

Watch the video below